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Thread: New Wii, lost!

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    New Wii, lost!

    Ok, I am buying a brand new Wii this weekend. I want to mod it to play games that have been backed up. I want these backups to be played off a USB stick (or SD card). I have searched and searched but I just get more confused. Here are the questions I have:

    Can I do what I want to do with a new Wii?
    If so, can I do it with softmods?

    I understand I need to download and install the homebrew channel, then do I just need to install the USB loader software and I am good?

    I know these are basic questions and I am sure the answer is out there but I just get more confused

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    You can mod any Wii. You really need to take more time and read everything again until your sure about what your about to do. Everything your asking has already been answered on this site. Since this is your first post here, check all this info out,

    Welcome to WiiHacks,

    Take the time to read the RULES! of the site, you don't wanna be sent to the Reading Room, or worse, Banned because you broke a rule of the site

    Please take a look at this link for any answers to most of your questions/problemsNew Member Introductions

    If your on the 3.1 - 4.1 System Menu then you may want to startHERE!

    If your on the 4.2 System Menu, thenTHIS! is where you want to be. [Please note, DO NOT update to 4.2 if you arn't already]

    Getting an error while trying to do something? The Answer isHERE!

    Wanna know what all this cIOS/IOS talk is all about....Then checkTHIS! thread out.

    Any other questions/answers that were not covered, then please ask themHERE!

    Please read, reAD, READ till your eyes bleed. Go over everything until your sure you can attempt these mods. You don't want a bricked Wii because of a step you might have missed.

    Have Fun! and Good Luck!!!!


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    that 4.2 link was EXACTLY what I needed...thanks for not raping me too badly


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