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    Us Quick Question....

    First off I love this forum everyone here is GREAT and the info is supurb...
    I followed the New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii guide and everything works great I made acouple games with disc and they worked out fine and a few that didnt work so great so now Im using a external 330gig hdd and found that works the best for me. When I play my games that I have purchased in the past I have been using the NeoGamma R8b7 backup loader to play them becuz my Super Mario Bro's game I have brings up the update system in the regular loader and Im not sure if I do that my wii would brick or not. My wii is a 4.1U.....Should I just continue to play my games thru the backup loader and at the moment my wii isnt connected to the internet. Is it safe even to have the internet connection on, im just not too sure so any answers would be appreciated.....Thanks Everyone at WIIHACKS.COM

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    Your best bet would be to install preloader as it keeps the disc from updating the console [provided you enabled the correct hack in preloader for it]. Yes you can keep the internet connection on but you should turn WiiCOnnect24 OFF.

    If your going to be playing NSMB from your USB HDD then you may want to look at this:
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