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Thread: need help semi brick wii setting with opera error

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    need help semi brick wii setting with opera error

    is been a while since i touch my wii, I download the wii sport resort updated it and now my wii setting is getting the opera error message. and all the new games i downloaded cant be played... ( some old games still playable)..

    now I did some research on the net and forums looking for possible solution. I do see some fix for this but most require a SD card with homebrew channel.. heres the problem... I belive i have the latest 4.2 update and can't use USB stick to setup homebrew.. but I can't use SD card either because the SD card menu is not there!!

    can some one please help point me to the right direction to get this started??

    thank you in advance!

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    Wrong place to post this, but you may want to have a look in THIS! section, but please do not repost this same question there. Do a little reasearch and if any more questions or problems arise update this post with it.

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    First thing you need to do is follow the 4.2 softmode guide linked below.

    After you have softmoded your we you will need to reinstall your system ios and system menu in your region. So post your region and I will post more details.

    Go and finish the guide now, do it all, read it all, let me know when your done.

    And also be sure to post in the right forum next time.
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    I made a update to my post at the forum you told me to..


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