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Thread: Backing up in Noobworld

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    Question Backing up in Noobworld

    G'day Guys, I had my kids console chipped - bought usbgecko but cant get it happening - running Win 7 - bought external LG burner yesterday and it's not reading game discs ??? any ideas (mod GP08LU10 ) - just want to back up the family's discs collection before they are totally trashed. Can someone pls guide me on the best way to back up game discs pls - or just rip them, i'm fine doing the rest, have imgbrn etc. Cheers jopis

    Am i supposed to be using LG CDRom
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    long way around

    what i do is hook my usb up to my wii rip the disc to the usb via usb loader gx copy disc option, then transfer back to my pc using wbfs manager. then just burn the iso with imgburn. but you got to soft-mod the wii to be able to attach harddrive to it. i dont know if it helps but thats what i do.


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