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Thread: Usb instruments???

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    Usb instruments???

    So what is the final answer for using USB instruments?
    All the info i found so far are in tutorials(but wont work on new FM 4.2)
    Or using softchip and muticios.
    I am on 4.2 w/ hermes rev14 installed.. running from usb HDD and using either usb loader Gx or Config usb loader. I have searched for days and have not found an answer for using USB instruments(mainly beatles) with these settings.

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    there is no hermes v14. try v4 and switch to ios 222 for instrument support

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    Yeah i meant v4.
    I give it a try I havent tried playing on 222 because the game themselves opened fine on 249(default)...could be that simple, we'll see.


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