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Thread: Wii Channel Load Error

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    Wii Channel Load Error

    I am on Wii SM 4.1 with cioscorp 3.4, cios 38 rev15, HBC v1.0.6. Neogamma R7.

    The issue I am having is when I try to play official Wii games from the Wii Game Channel. The official Wii games play in black and white and the screen flickers nonstop. I can play burnt DVD-R games on the NeoGamma R7 with no problem.

    Can someone please help me to fix this problems.

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    have you changed wiis region??? it seems that disc channel uses the opposite display mode from what you have

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    No i have not changed the region. I checked and its the correct region. What else could it be.

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    nothing, disk channel uses wrog region for a reason i cannot understand

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    Is there a method to reinstall disc channel.?

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    just wait till someone responds with the answer... i honestly hear this for the first tine...


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