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Thread: IPOD only works with CIOS36_REV9 ????

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    IPOD only works with CIOS36_REV9 ????

    OKay so after spending half a day trying to troubleshoot my usbloader GX connection to the ipod, I finally discovered that it works perfectly after installing CIOS36_REV9 that was recommended along with USB loader 1.1

    Basic steps I took

    1. plug IPOD into computer (in disc mode) format with WBFS manager 3.0
    2. Copy over ISO's
    3. install CIOS36_rev9 using the included installer and chose network install
    4. install usb loader GX (using the usb loader GX installer for windows with SD card in computer,)
    5. restart ipod (out of disc mode) and plug into outer USB port on WII

    USB loader GX now sees the hard drive, and has no problem booting and even launching NEW super mario bros from the ipod!

    But I had then noticed that I had broken a number of things on my WII that depend on CIOS38_rev14 to load!

    Triiforce won't start (can't open emulated SD nand)
    coverfloader won't start (crashes)
    neogamma r7 won't boot any discs

    So I go and install CIOS38_rev 14 again, that fixes everything but now breaks
    my USB loader GX (refuses to find IPOD)

    Does anyone have an idea?

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    buy another hdd or use a thumb drive

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    Quote Originally Posted by 92integra View Post
    I don't know how to fix it, so here is my incredibly unhelpful advice, buy another hdd or use a thumb drive


    I got it to work by installing iPod linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer_Tofu View Post

    I got it to work by installing iPod linux.
    How do you install ipod Linux to an Ipod once it has been formated with WFBS 3.0?


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