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Thread: Mario Kart Wii Wi-Fi Cheat Codes?

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    Ca Mario Kart Wii Wi-Fi Cheat Codes?


    I am fairly new to this whole codes thing and was wondering if anybody had the codes that work on online races such as inifinte items, cycle through items, infinite bullet bill, etc. I am having problems finding them, but I have seen them before...

    Could someone please post the code I have to copy and paste into a .txt document? So then I can export it with the orcarina code manager to my SD card? I think I need the game ID and name info at the top? I'm a bit confused!


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    First thing to do when joining a forum: READ THE RULES!

    8) No requesting cheat codes, for online play! due to the overall
    opinion of the forum, along with the feelings of the staff, you're no allowed to
    post or request any codes, outside of Animal crossing for obvious reasons.


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