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Thread: 4.0U User Confused

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    4.0U User Confused

    Hello, I'm pretty new to the wii hacking scene. I read through a bunch of the stickies and google pages and found useful info. Sadly the FAQs link here just says page not found.

    Anyway... here's the deal. I got HBC installed with the bannerbomb method using this guide (Hack Your Wii for Homebrew without Twilight Princess - Wii - Lifehacker). I figured the browser would come with the downloads but nope. So I download it manually through my PC and load it up. Everything goes smoothly (other than some scary looking stripes that appeared for a while) and HBC updates itself. I tried downloading some games like Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein but clicking the "Download" button does nothing... on any of the games.

    I tried installing numerous versions of mplayer to watch DVDs, but the best results came from "mplayer christmas edition". I never got the DVD playing but by clicking "Play DVD (libdvdnav)" I got to the play/scene slection main menu. After that I was unable to find any way to navigate to any of the menu selections.

    Is there any way to save/backup VC downloads in case something I do goes wrong? Is there any way to download VC games?

    At the Wii settings menu (bottom left of main system menu) it says Ver.4.0U. At the Homebrew Channel it says 1.0.6 |0561 v19.26.

    What I would love to be able to do with my Wii is:
    Watch DVDs
    Download games/apps through HBC
    Download/use backups (I know basiclly nothing about)

    Like I said I'm very new to this but have decent tech knowledge. I came across a tutorial (Upgraded to 4.0 and had HBC but didn't have CIOS installed? - WiiNewz - Nintendo Wii Modchip & Hacking Community) about CIOS and CMDVDx34, but I feel like the info is a little over my head as far as understanding what I'm doing. If anyone could kindly help me out with my situation I will be happy to provide additional info or anything else that may be needed.

    Much Thanks,

    Update: For some odd reason after taking out my SD card and replacing it... the download buttons for the "Games" section of the Homebrew Browser are completely click-able now. One problem down? Strange.
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    go here and click on your app it tells you all about it. List of homebrew applications - WiiBrew

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