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Thread: Backwards compatability with D2Ckey?

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    Backwards compatability with D2Ckey?

    As of now, I am unable to determine exactly what version drive I have in my Wii. I bought it on Ebay within the past month. When I look-up the serial number, it says there is a 50% chance I have a D2C drive and a 50% chance my pins are cut.

    My question is: are the D2Ckey and the D2Cpro the only the chips that will work with the D2C drive? If my pins are cut, will I be able to use a D2Ckey with clip? If my board is an older version (not D2C), will the D2Ckey work with it.

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Both of the above mentioned chips will work with your wii....There are also a bunch of others that will work with the D2C chip also...It just depends on what route you wanna go....If you are planning on soldering the chip in I wouldn't recommend this route unless you are a very avid solderer as the points are really small and alot of people screw their wii's up. If you want there are solderless chips that work really well on the D2C chipset. I went this route and have installed a bunch on others too and have yet to have a problem.....

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    If my drive ends up not being D2C, will the D2Ckey work with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zooom101 View Post
    If my drive ends up not being D2C, will the D2Ckey work with it?
    no it will not at this time

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    Are there any chips that work regardless of the chipset?

    Also, is there a difference between the D2Ckey and the D2pro? All I am wanting to do is play backups. I'm curious if it is worth waiting for the D2pro with wii clip to become available.
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    hmm D2CKey was comfirmed working with old versions of Wii. for more info go to Home - d2ckey

    to zooom101:
    There isn't really big different between D2CKey and D2CPro. D2CPro is like a clone of D2Ckey. If you can wait which i can't XD jyou should probably wait for d2pro since it has easier update methods i think.


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