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Thread: Guitar Hero 5 works, Rock Band (2 & the Beatles) not!

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    Question Guitar Hero 5 works, Rock Band (2 & the Beatles) not!

    Hi all

    First I wanna say: WHAT A GREAT SITE! thanks to all administrators and everybody else who is making this possible! I've found many answers on my questions here and I'm gratefull for that!

    Unfortunately I have a problem running the Rock Band series on my sofmodded PAL Wii. Let me explain and I hope someone can help me find the sollution (which I haven't found yet in the last week, surfing, reading and trying...)

    I sofmodded my 3.4E PAL Wii in the beginning of this year. Everything runs smoothly and all problems that I encountered I was able to tackle (like 002 FIX f.e.). Last week I've tried to get Guitar Hero 5 running. Therefore I've followed the tutorial put together by Demo777 (big thanks dude!). So I've

    - updated to firmware 4.1
    - installed cios38rev14
    - installed and merged cios222 and cios223
    - installed the configurable usb loader (was using the usb loader gx before)

    After that I could load Guitar Hero 5 with cios 222 mload from the configurable usb loader with no problems.

    BUT: Rockband 2 and Rock Band: the Beatles are not working. They're displayed in the usb loader, but when I'm trying to load them with game settings on 222-mload (or 223-mload), Anti 002 FIX on and Block IOS Reload on, all I get is a black screen. Controller looses contact for one second, than lights up again, but the black screen stays.

    I'm really lost, tried to install everything again, I've tried to load them in uloader or loader gx but nothing works. There are 3 things which might be wrong but since Guitar Hero 5 is working I suppose that I've done everything correctly. Anyway here are the two things that are wondering me and maybe can help to find the sollution:

    - after updating the firmware to 4.1, still in my Wii settings (in the normal menu) in the right upper corner there is Ver. 3.4E displayed (but again, GH5 worked after updating). Is tht normal?
    - i only can select in the Configurable USB Loader the mload version of 222/223. If I try to load them in Uloader or Loader GX, I can only select normal 222 or 223 ios
    - I'm running the loaders from the Homebrew channel. Do i HAVE TO load them from a WAD?

    I hope someone can help me here. If you need more info or maybe someone can connect me to someone who might know the sollution, it would make me extremely happy!!


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    I think I have the same set up as you but Anti 002 fix and Block IOS reload is off when I play these games.

    If you see 3.4E on the wii settings it means that the upgrade to 4.1 wasn't successful.

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    many thanks for your feedback.

    i checked the firmware update and you were right, it was not successfully installed. Ive re-installed it, succesfully this time (i forgot to install the patched ios60). now version 4.1 is displayed in the settings.

    But still the problem is not solved. Ive started the game now about 20 times with different configs (222mload block off 002 fix off, 223mload block off 002 fix off, 222mload block on 002 fix off, etc, etc).

    Do you have another idea maybe (or other settings that i should try besides ios, iosreload and 002fix)? Its driving me crazy! as said, the Guitar Hero series and all other games (incl new super mario) are working without any problem. Only the Rock Band series still gives me black screens all the time.

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    You should be using IOS222 mload, not IOS223. You do not need to block the IOS reload, and all the settings should be "off". If you downloaded these games, then make sure you have the correct video selected for your Wii or tv.

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    ive tried loading the game with 222mload and all options off, same result: black screen, controller light goes off for 1 second and than turns on again.

    what do you mean exactly with "correct video selected"? Do you mean to download a PAL or NTSC version? because i have downloaded a PAL version of the game since my Wii is also a PAL version. Or are you referring to the usb loader settings? there i can also select settings as: Video, Video Patch and VIDTV. Do I need to adapt these settings too?

    gr and thnks for your reply

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