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Thread: Sport Resort from USB HD

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    Sport Resort from USB HD

    Can I run(play) sport resort using USB Loader GX & WBFS Manager 3

    Thanks for any help

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    Yes first time you will need to use the alt DOL method. Search on the Site there is a tutorial on how to get it running.

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    The way I understood it, I need to first run in from the drive. I have a newer Wii and I was not able to get ti to run any backups (disks). That is why I went to the route of USB.

    So basically I will not be able to run it, if I can not first run it from a disk?

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    I have the same question because i tried to backup the game from the original cdrom and when started the game via the USB Loader GX from the USB harddisk i got an error.

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    loader gx

    Loader gx supports alt DOL method. Here is the file I used.
    You should just need to put it in the loader gx config file. You will also need to turn on the 002 fix for this game.

    1st time use alt DOL method watch whole tutorial. then save or what ever

    2nd time no alt DOL method use default setting but make sure 002 fix is turned on both times and every other time.
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    thanks, I will give it a try.

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    it start working but it still ask for motion control

    how can i work without wii motion control


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