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    BBC iPlayer

    Hi folks

    I would like to get the BBC iPlayer on my Wii. I have WasabiDX with 4.2E. The shopping channel asks me to do an upgrade which I do not want to do.

    Can someone tell me in simple English how I can get the iPlayer channel please. I know nothing about soft hacks etc. I chose the WasabiDX because it was simple to install and get working. It is woking with all by backups working superb.

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    I like you choose the wasabi dx for ease of use , but run into problems with the new mario game.

    I think the only way to get bbc iplayer without updating is to soft mod your wii.

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    Thanks for that Blindspot.
    I am under the same opinion that I would have to soft mod the wii. I don't know how to do that if I have the WasabiDX installed.
    Is there anyone out there that has the WasabiDX installed and has got the BBCiPlayer working., If there is please tell, me how you did it.

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    I can say that having the wasabi dx installed, will not affect the softmod or visa versa. In hind sight i think it's good to have both. I was very unsure about softmodding my wii but there are two guides on here, which i have done both, one for my wii & and one for a mate's wii and they are easy to follow, you just have to take your time and read the guide over a couple of time's (or aleast i had to lol)
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