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Thread: RIP retail game

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    RIP retail game

    Is it possible to insert my brother's animal crossing into my hacked wii 4.2 and copy it to the wii's memory blocks , then play it without the cd ?

    If you can , does the retail game still work on my brother's unhacked Wii ?

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    I dont believe you can RIP it to the WII Memory.... and i dont think you would want to (thats my personal opinion)

    Get your Self USB LOADER GX and a WBFS Formated - HDD or FLASH DRIVE (8gb or bigger)

    then use the USB Loader GX program to RIP it to the HDD aor FLASH and then use USB Loader to LOAD AND PLAY....

    and copying games from disk will not effect anything on your brothers WII (since you can not change the retail disk)

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    The original game will work on an un-modified Wii [why would you think it wouldn't, it's a retail game?], but you will not be able to play the backup on an un-modified Wii.

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    I put Animal Crossing in the wii

    Then loaded usb loader gx and pushed the "+" on there and it installed animal crossing

    everything's going fine until about two minutes into the game when there would appear a non ending loading screen.

    Basically the loading screen never stops loading (little bus in the corner keep driving)

    Error 002 fix was already loaded so that couldn't be the problem

    The game runs perfectly fine until you get a random loading screen lockdown (I tried 3 times and it was on a different location every time)

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