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Thread: How to install revisions to USB LOADER GX?

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    How to install revisions to USB LOADER GX?

    I see there are updated revisions. There is a .dol file and a .wad file. I'm assuming the .wad is for the forwarder...

    Anyways, anyone care to explain where to place these in the SD card, and what to take out, if anything?

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    Why did you double post this question?

    Anways, if the wad file has the word, "forwarder" in it's description then yes, that's what it is: Pop the .dol into a folder (name it whatever you want) inside the /apps folder of your SD card, and rename the file to boot.dol. The wad file goes into the /wad folder of your SD card, install via Wad Manager.

    A lot more information about everything USBL GX, including install directions, can be found here:
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