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Thread: If you know wii brick blocker, please read this

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    If you know wii brick blocker, please read this

    Iv done alot of research and for my own piece of mind i would like somone to clarify something.

    1. I have a japanese wii (unknown modchip)
    2. I have a PAL disk image.
    3. by running wii brick blocker on the PAL image and then burning is this 100% safe and the PAL game will not try and update with the latest firmware?
    4. Finally when the image has been wii brick blocked if the game tries to run the update will it just display a black screen and not let me play or will it run as normal on older firmware?
    5.What if any software available that can change a region of a disk image?

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    What I do when I wanna play a different region game is first run the ISO file through WiiBrickBlocker, then after that I run it with a program called RegionFrii....With RegionFrii you can change the ISO file to the same region as your Wii....I have done this alot and have yet to have a problem...

    And no you will not see a black screen...BrickBlocker will just eliminate the part that tries to update...The game will play as normal...


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