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Thread: Black Screen Issues Solved (FIX 249)

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    Black Screen Issues Solved (FIX 249)

    It was a pretty simple fix actually. For those getting black screens when they enter into any homebrew app:

    Run ANY TITLE DELETER. Select System Titles and erase 249.

    Believe it or not, that should be it. I'm able to run all my homebrew apps!

    I downgraded from 4.2, to 3.2.
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    Please do elaborate further.
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    Basically I purchased a wii with 4.2. I decided to downgrade to 3.2 firmware because I was getting black screens. I thought this might have solved the problem, it didnt.

    I noticed in wad manager my system kept going to a black screen onces it got to IOS249.

    So I thought to myself, "self... I bet 249 is the problem."

    I ran ANY TITLE DELETER. Select System Titles, found IOS249 and deleted it....
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    That's great but now you have no cIOS at all, instead of just a faulty one.

    Oh well if it works, it works I suppose.
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    Apologies for the short, and not good explanation, I'm at work.

    I had to install a custom 249 which worked.


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