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    Smile Run Backups

    I have Wii ver 3.4E. I followed the tuturial step by step and installed homebrew channel and all the other stuff. I just whant to play backups (iso) games from the DVD and cant find what do i need to install to do the job i tried installing backup loader (gamma 0.3) but with no luck.
    Please hellp


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    Install Neogamma

    Download it here neogamma R8 b7.rar

    Install it with Wad Manager
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    Also make sure your using -Rs [you can use +Rs but you need to change the booktype to DVD-ROM] and it should be good media [verbatim or ritek]. You can use any burning program, but make sure you burn at slowest speed possible. And as siphillips stated, get a newer version of NeoGamma, the one you are using is way out of date.


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