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Thread: new wiikey2 user: doubts on firmware

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    new wiikey2 user: doubts on firmware

    Hi guys,

    congratulations for the forum that is really useful. I have installed the wiikey2 modchip on my PAL wii. Now two questions:
    1- To which version can I update the firmware of the wii without losing the possibility of playing backups?
    2- Now that I have the modchip all game plays on it or I should start caring about IOS and cIOS for playing some of them?
    Thank you a lot


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    1- you can update the firmware to version 4.1 by using an unscrubbed PAL game. Never do an online update.

    2- Yes all games play on it except the New Super Mario Bros. Wii and I think Avatar. If you have your wii softmodded then it is no problem. You can just use neogamma to load it. But if your not, you will have to wait for wiikey to release a new update.
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