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Thread: Updating previously softmodded Wii

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    Updating previously softmodded Wii


    I currently have a softmodded 3.4e which has been unchanged since Jan 09. I havent had the need to change or update it as all games were working fine. However the latest batch of games are starting to prove problematic with my current set up.

    So my question is how i now need to go about updating my Wii to the current softmod versions. Should I convert my wii back to virgin state first, then run the latest softmod, or can i just softmod over the top of what I curently have?

    My current set up is:

    PAL Wii 3.4e
    Used Twilight Hack for HBC.

    Wads Installed were:
    Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma

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    Have a look at the first link in my signature below. That guide will take you up to 4.1, give you a couple programs to help protect your console from accidental bricks in the future, and update your IOS' for current games.
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