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Thread: Seeking help/advice with D2CPro/WiiClip install

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    Seeking help/advice with D2CPro/WiiClip install

    I've just installed a pre-soldered D2CPro/Wii-Clip into my machine and need a little help.

    Upon installing the chip, the machine reads and plays original discs fine but not backups. I'm speculating as to whether these results point to a faulty backup/burn. My first assumption was that if there was a problem with the chip and/or it's installation, the console wouldn't work at all, original disc or otherwise. Is this sound reasoning or not?

    I've only ripped one disc so far, burning it once with Alcohol 120 and once with Nero. Same results both times. The rip was done with RawDump and the resulting ISO file seems OK. One thing I have not done is use the recommended brand of blank media, using instead what I already had around.

    As far as the install goes, I'm fairly certain the clip is properly seated. It took rather firm pressure but the thing is really on there snug and flush so I doubt there's an issue there.

    I have a few more variables to rule out, but I thought I'd start looking for some assistance right away. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    I had the same problem, it was the media I was using, I burnt the img onto a cheap x8 disc and it played first time...try diff brands, Im ordering Vertabim as suggested on this site

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    Just installed my dc2cpro wii clip pre-soldered chip. First disk is woring without problems. Burning chepa TDK at 2x

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    I've since tried using Verbatim + and - discs but still I'm getting negative results.

    I did contact the vendor and they offered a few tips, mostly fairly obvious, but also conceded that it could be a bad chip and/or clip and/or soldering job. They offered to replace the chip with a new one at no cost to me so I will most likely ship it back after one or two more tries. I will update with any news.

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    Here some little tips for you upon your next attempt at installing this:
    - When you're about to put the wiiclip on the wii don't push it 1 side at a time. Align all 4 corner hold it wiht 2 thumb so they even kinda. Then when you ready push down both thumb at the same time at about same force the clip will go down smoothly. Then you can give each corner some pressure to make sure it secured.
    - It is crucial to get this in right in first time. The legs inside the clips might fall off if you keep taking it off and on.
    - Test it out first before putting everything back, put power/av/sensor bar in. Turn on your wii, put a copy back up and an original game in and test them out.
    - Upon reasembling the wii test it again to check if it still working (I tested it when i put the screws back on the main body).
    - Put the electrical tape provided with the wii clip on the mod chip. On the face smooth face put the square one. and put that mario paper on top of the chip.
    - I use Magnavox DVD + R and burn my games at 6-8x they all work just fine. Some wii like to read fast speed disc rather then slow.
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