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    Us lockup

    just curious on some of my games I coppied the disk to my usb connected HD and when I get about 10min. in the game lock up and makes a terrible noise, for some reason is this just a bad copy??

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    maybe you should post this question a 4th time

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    maybe you should post this question a 4th time
    my fault when i selected to sbmit the post my IE indicated a time out and closed my explorer this happened three times and when I relogged back in the post was not there so I reposed it sorry.

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    Thank you for your explanation. I have deleted your duplicate posts and was thinking of sending you to the Reading Room, but you posted your reasonable explanation.

    I would seriously consider your HDD compatibility, the freezing and noise with several games suggests your HDD is not working with the Wii. The other possibility is a sleep mode, a powering down of the HDD to save energy. Unlike the PC, the Wii does not send a signal back to the HDD to keep the drive from powering down or hibernating. If your HDD came with a utility disk-you want to disable the sleep or powerdown/ saving energy mode. If that cannot be disabled, set the sleep time to as long as possible.


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