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Thread: Top 10 essentianl games for the wii

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    Question Top 10 Essential/Must Have GAMES for the Wii

    Hi People,

    Was wondering if I could get a few opinions on what are the TOP TEN/ESSENTIAL GAMES/MUST HAVES for the WII?

    Obviously this will probably be pretty subjective (might even open up a can of worms), not that I'm asking for a definitive list, but would love to get some feedback/opinions from those knowledgeable wii-ers out there. Thanks.
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    Mario Galaxie
    Metroid Prime 3
    Brain Academy
    New Super Mario Bros
    Punch Out

    Defend Your Castle
    Wild West Guns
    Dr. Mario

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    these are not in order

    Muramasa the demon blade
    new super mario bros
    metroid trilogy
    zelda twilight princess
    mario galaxy
    mad world
    mario & sonic at the olympics winter games

    wii ware
    pokemon rumble, lol its kind of fun with 4 players
    lost wind 1 & 2

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    Zelda TP
    Animal crossing
    Super mario Galaxy
    Mario Kart Wii

    Pokemon rumble
    Excitebike world rally
    My pokemon ranch (You mostly watch, rather than play)

    Probably much more, but this is all wii only.

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    new super mario bros
    super mario galaxy
    mario kart wii
    house of the dead: overkill
    Guitar hero world tour
    Guitar Hero: metallica
    Guitar Hero: 5
    DJ Hero
    RockBand 2

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    My top ten
    madworld (never played anything like this before totally sick and funny )
    ssbb (i just never get bored of this)
    mario galaxy (cant wait for galaxy 2)
    sonic unleashed (just love sonic games)
    sonic black night
    manhunt 2 (just a great game)
    nmsb (bit repetative, nice multiplayer)
    maurismo blade (great graphics)
    jc avater the game (not as good as i expected)
    marvel alliance 2 (nice multiplayer)

    My 8yrs old choice(girl)
    rabbids go home (hilarious)
    dogs island
    any sonic game
    animal crossing city folk
    mario galaxy
    wii 4.2e
    cios on 4.2 sd
    usb loader gx

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    Super Smash Bros
    Mariokart Wii
    Wii Sports (Resort)
    New Super Mario Bros
    Mario Galaxy
    Resident Evil 4
    Any GH/RB games

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    1. ssbb
    2. nsmb
    3. guitar hero metallica
    4.resident evil (any of them_
    5.DJ hero
    6. Band Hero
    7. Mortal Combat
    8. Zelda Twilight Princess
    9.Far cry
    10 Alone in the dark

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    my top ten

    Well thats my Top 10 for the Wii

    Ive included Wiiware in that list

    1 - New super Mario Bros Wii
    2 - FFIV the after years and DLC
    3 - World of Goo
    4 - The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
    5 - SSBB!
    6 - Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen , yeah i know it way old , it just bring back so many good memories
    7 - All the Tales From monkey Island if you havent played it on PC ( And The strong bad game + Sam & max if you like that kinda game )
    8 - Muramasa , The Demon Blade
    9 - MadWorld ( So bloodly funny )
    10 - Punch Out, gotta love it
    EDIT: haha Darksidz , can be more right, forgot to included Bit Trip Beat too!

    Ohh...Cant forget multiplayer Mario Karting!
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    So out of all these points that were given, there is 1 thing for sure.... NSMB is a game you must get. I already knew that though.
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