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Thread: USB GX guide?

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    USB GX guide?

    Is there a guide for the USB GX loader? I can go to the menu > select a game > and play it. is there a way to exit the game back to the GX screen? is there a way to save my game?

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    Here are the settings described:

    You can load back into GX from a game by installing the forwarder dol from the root of your card in priiloader and setting "Return to: Installed File". If this sounds unfamiliar make sure to view the Readmii that the page above links to.

    Not sure what you're trying to save ... If you mean is it possible to save state on your Wii games, then no. Each game has its own method of saving within it's contextual menus.
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    push the home button on the Wii remote. it will give options to go back to HB channel or exit to Wii main menu.

    The games themselves dictate when you can or can not save or autosave by them selves. USB loader and all channels are completely dependant on the game when it comes to saving.


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