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Thread: Anyone have had problems loading Zack and Wiki?

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    Anyone have had problems loading Zack and Wiki?

    A friend loaded 15 games into my external hard drive, and most of them work perfectly, except for a few. I have cios38rev14, usb loader gx r844, hermes cios222 and 223. I wont even bother with wii sports resort because I still have to buy 2 wii motion plus and the game will come with it. Also I have tried to make metroid prime trilogy to work, but the most I have gotten is loading metroid prime 1 and 2 ( cant load 3 ). Also in mpt, I cant choose the difficulties, the miis, the options, etc .. because it goes straight into the main game.
    The thing is that I have done my research and it seems theres nothing wrong with Zack and Wiki. So why I keep getting a frozen black screen forcing me to unplug the wii and reboot it manually then? I have tried using the "error 002 fix" options in GX in on,off, and anti, and have had no luck.
    Theres one thing that I have noticed. When I choose the game from the GX list, this message appears: IMET HEADER WRONG. That message didnt appear when I had USB GX r818, but when I updated it to r844 now the message pops up.
    Anyone have any ideas?

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    The IMET header wrong usually refers to a missing sound.bin file-meaning in English is that your game is probably played in another language for which your Wii does not have the sound file.

    That does not usually prevent the game form loading, though. The frozen black screen means that the IOS needed by the game has not been installed in your Wii or is outdated. You could find the IOS used by your game by using the download links and instructions in Tealc's first post in this thread:

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    Thanks for the pointer, but my guess is that it was a bad dump. Zack & Wiki doesnt appear in that list, and I know it should run with no problems at all.


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