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Thread: Rock Band: The Beatles Instruments Not Syncing?

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    Exclamation Rock Band: The Beatles Instruments Not Syncing?

    Hello, I am currently having some issues with Rock Band: The Beatles instruments not syncing to the Wii. I have 4.0u with NeoGamma rev7 installed, trying to load LEGO Rock Band, which runs perfect from my HDD. I tried dozens of tutorials with the Hermes tutorial on the forum here, but no luck with it. I know the instruments work just fine, because I have a store bought copy of Rock Band: The Beatles with my other Wii, that is updated to 4.2 (dumb me). But the Wii with 4.0u and NeoGamma, doesn't sync my instruments whatsoever. Thanks for any replies!

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    Well, after some awesome help from Scorpius in the IRC channel, I have resolved my issue with the instruments and LEGO Rock Band works perfect with my Rock Band: Beatles instruments. Apparently, I forgot to set IOS 222/223 in USB Loader GX, for it to sync my controllers. All is good now, and I am currently killing this game. Definately a great game to buy for the family, or if you're a fan of country/rock/80's/90's music. Thank you WiiHacks for all your help!


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