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Thread: updating my wii?

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    updating my wii?

    I previously managed to install softmod on my wii (sofmod any wii 3.1 -4.1 thread) my wii was v4.1u when i got it so i did not need to update.

    My gf just bought a used wii and i would like to install the softmod on hers as well but she has version 3.4u. as far as i know on dogeggs thread on #4, he says if your on 3.3 or 3.4 you MUST update.

    How do you perform the update? do you go in internet settings and clear the setting and readd them and when it ask to update you say yes?

    and how does the update works, will it update me one at a time or straight to 4.2? i would like to get hers to 4.1 just like mine if possible, any suggestion on which version i should update too and how to update the wii?

    My last question is that i only have 1 sd card which is the one on my wii (4.1U) i have all the file from dogeggs thread but i also installed usb loader and the internet channel on that sd card, would i be able to use the same sd card to install the softmod?

    thx in advance

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    To go to 4.1 you would use Waninkokos SAFE 4.1 updater. If you update through Nintendo, it will bring you to 4.2. The update files are in the downloads for the guide, everything you need is there. Please re-read the guides again, if you had previously modded your original Wii with the same guide, then this should all be old hat to you.

    Yes you would be able to use the same SD, but I recomment backup up what you have on the card to your PC then formatting the card.

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    and where do i get Waninkokos SAFE 4.1 updater and the information on how to perform the update ?


    edit: ......nvm you were right i didnt read the post comletely, so basically what it says its i install the same way as mine but after installing cios60, i run firmware updater located on homebrew channel and after that proceed to installing the other wad and so on...?
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