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Thread: being saft - please help

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    being safe - please help

    I softmodded my Wii with the help of this forum.

    I installed Bootmii as a IOS.

    I started by following the tutorial (New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii) at

    All the way to step 5 (I also installed Priiloader)

    I am Loading, Ripping, and Playing Wii Game Backups from an External USB Hard Disk Drive. I followed this instructions:

    Now to my question:

    What is the best way (well other than not softmodding the Wii) to stay safe. Not to brick my Wii.

    Is is ok to configure the Wii for internet connection?

    Thanks for any help and advise
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    You can use the internet connection in the Wii and you will be fine, but you would want to turn WiiConnect24 OFF so the console doesn't try to update. Preloader is the best update protection you can use though. Just be aware that although you can play some games on-line safely, some require that WiiConnect24 be on and run an update.

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    Best Way To Not Brick Your Wii:
    Do NOT Accept Updates
    Do NOT Mess around with ANY IOS under 200

    Its ok to config the internet on your wii, just make sure you don't install any updates.

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    Wow what a great forum

    such a quick reply. I really appreciate it.



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