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Thread: usb loader gx small problem

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    usb loader gx small problem

    I have managed to install usb loader gx.wad got a usb HDD and got all my games running well, so i thought i would now download the 3d covers to the games, but when i clic on the box to load the covers nothing happens.
    I have had a good look through the settings to see if there was something i should turn on to allow covers but cannot see anything obvious, i even watched a utube vid on how to do it but they just clic and the download 3d covers box pops up.
    I read that some functions are not always in all versions does anyone have any advice.
    Thank you

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    Are you sure you have the newest revision? Try using the Update feature within USB Loader GX to make sure it's talking with the network correctly. Also make sure your Wireless is set up correctly. You may have to re-install USB Loader GX [newest revision] if you cannot Update it through the GUI.

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    Probably an older YouTube video. Downloading covers directly has been made difficult because most of the sites started to want money. You better bet is to copy the covers from the PC HDD to your SD card. Copy to your SD card and then change the path in USB Loader GX settings to wherever you copied the covers on the SD.

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    I dont think i have that feature either i may try another rivision..


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