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Thread: anyone got nsmb working on wasabi zero and 4.1E wii?.

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    anyone got nsmb working on wasabi zero and 4.1E wii?.

    hey guys i have wasabi zero modchip installed and 4.1E on my wii,what do i need to play new super mario bros on my wii?.

    has anyone got it working on the wii with wasabi zero,if so what software are you using,really need help guys,cheers.

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    i had a console with this chip init. I installed homebrew though and run it from neogamma and works fine.couldn't get it to boot from the disk from main screen, had to homebrew route 1st.

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    finally got it all working using the 3.1-4.1 tutorial,then i used usbloader gx and i now have nsmb playing on my wii using my wd 1TB external hd,what a joy to no longer have to use disc,s

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    And I dont think it will work soon ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kampung View Post

    And I dont think it will work soon ...
    It's working now, The Wasabi dev team released a beta firmware (3.0) to support the new BCA protection found on super maio bros wii. You need to edit the iso or to patch it
    with modrobert hex patch and ppf3-o-matic (or something like this) for those that doesn't know about hex edit like me.Note that this firmware disable region free if your wii's firmware is 4.2 or higher and that you need a clean iso of nsmb(unpatched ,unscrubbed,etc...). it can easily be found on (i mean the patching stuff... )

    Hope that helps

    P.S. don't forget to choose the correct firmware for your wasabi modchip, there is only 2 ; one for the wasabi dx and one for the other versions(v1,v2,v3,zero)
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