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Thread: Force Pal in Neogamma R7: meaning and function ?

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    Lightbulb Force Pal in Neogamma R7: meaning and function ?

    I am new to softmodding. Mi Wii has been hardmodded with wiikey 1,9s
    Today I installed the HBC and Neogamma R7 and started playing (finally) New Super Mario Bros.....
    I noticed an option in Neogamma R7 with regio-codes and foirce PAL.
    Can anybody let me know what this does ?
    I have been waiting for a long time to play Mario Super Sluggers.

    Any tips/hints are welcome

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    Force PAL means 50 hertz (25 frames a second Phase Alernate Line)

    Means if a game was "burnt" in NTSC mode, the wii will swap video for you, for import games this option is ideal.

    NTSC is mainly American and Japanese video mode and uses 30 frames a second (60 hertz).
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    can playing japanese import games on an american wii with neogamma r7 brick your wii?

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    Providing no one clicks on the Disc channel and accepts the disc update, yes.
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