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Thread: Not So New Intro... And a weird question...

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    Not So New Intro... And a weird question...

    Hey Everyone! I've been on WiiHacks for awhile now and with all of the great tutorials and advice, I have hacked 3 Wiis (soon to be 4), and it was SO EASY! Thanks to this site, I swear I could hack a Wii 4.1U and lower with my eyes closed!

    However, as with an "old intro" I have a question, wonder if anyone has seen this before...

    My girlfriend called me last night in a panic telling me that her Wii suddenly switched a legit copy of Rock Band 2 in the disc channel into black & white! Her softmodded Wii is a pre-LU64 on 4.1U with a retail copy of the game! The only way I can describe the error is like loading a PAL game without forcing NTSC conversion... But this happened mid-game... And it's been loading like that since. (Other games load fine) We have to use NeoGamma to play it in color! WTF happened!?

    Just to be clear, there is no CIOSCRAP (lol) or any mods that should be directly affecting the disk channel. However, I do have preloader to skip disk updates and such...

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    Wrong thread to post this question.


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