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Thread: Redirect SD storage slot to USB partition?

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    Lightbulb Redirect SD storage slot to USB partition?

    I had a thought last night and have no idea how to even search for it or if it's been brought up before. So I thought I'd start a discussion on the topic.

    Is there a hack out there or way to trick the wii into thinking a USB device (partition formatted in FAT/FAT32) is actually the SD card slot?

    Meaning theoretically, you could run the homebrew channel, apps, DLC, etc from a thumb drive (or better yet, an external hard drive) instead of from an SD card.

    This seems like it should be possible. I just was wondering if anyone out there had figured it out or thought about it before. I'm only asking because it would basically be the best thing ever. If people can figure out how to trick the wii into thinking a USB hard drive is an actual wii game disc, I don't see why this SD card option couldn't happen as well.

    If this hasn't been done or it's currently impossible, does anyone know if there are people working on a project like this?

    Any thoughts or ideas (links) about the concept? I'd love to hear them.

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    1) Have a USB Device FAT32 with just 1 or 2 apps installed to the card in the apps folder as usual, attached to your Wii.

    2) Have your normal SD card loaded with all your favourite apps in your Wii

    3) Start the Wii and enter HBC.

    4) See all your glorious SD apps

    5) Pull out SD card

    6) See the 1 or 2 apps you loaded onto USB

    This was as much a surprise to me when I found out about it. You don't need to pull the SD card out, that was just for illustration as the source can be selected by the Wiimote, forget which button though.
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