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Thread: Always a Disk Error...

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    Always a Disk Error...

    Ok, heres the deal..

    I intalled a Wasabi chip into my Wii 2 days ago. I did not use a heavier guage wire or double up on the ground or 3v3 cable. I ran the clock wire around the board to prevent any poss problems with that.

    Everything seemed great at first. no red led problems and the drive accepted disks and loaded them just fine. Infact before I had a backup to test my son played an original game for hours that night.

    I got myself a backup and tested it briefly. It worked great, no problems at all it seemed.

    Now, that night I did load it up back into the original Wii box and transport it from my parents house where we were visiting back to my house...about a mile..

    Anyway, My wife and i began to play the backup that night and it worked great at first..then..bam...disk error.. Without going the the proccess that i went through after that, the moral of this post is that now all disks, backedup or originals give me a disk error at different times. Either right at startup or sometime into the game.

    My thoughts are maybe a power issue with not atleast doubling up on my power wire. Something to do with the clock wire since ive heard that ppl have problems with both long and short. Or poss that my lense has somehow gotten out of place in transit causing errors.

    Im going to mess around with it today and see if i can discover the problem but any thoughts or simular probs that have been fixed would be great.

    Thnx in advance

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    So I completly removed the chip and the drive works just fine so its apparently not a lense thing..

    Before removing it, i tryed redoing a few points that had snaped off while looking at beforehand and I could not get a green light nor the drive to accept a dvd so im a bit stumped at this point.. i'm going to reinstall the chip and see what happnens but even if i can get it working again, im afraid i'll still eventually have the disk error problem again.

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    So, now my problem has changed..

    I can no longer get a green light on my wasabi chip..

    ugh, the bells are beginning to toll on this one..

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    Is anyone or does anyone know of any pros in or around the central Florida area?

    I'm at my witts end on this one..

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    So heres where im at now..

    I have a green light but with absolutly zero drive response..

    Any ideas?

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    Ha, this is more of my diary than a forum post..

    Last update..

    I killed my

    Getting my new one on Sun and doing this all over again!

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    Should have just gone the solder-less route...Just snap it on and be done with it....Nothing to worry about

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    Can you access you settings? You might have partially bricked yours.


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