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Thread: Solderless D2C-Pro Problem - HELP!!

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    Solderless D2C-Pro Problem - HELP!!

    I recently purchased a solderless D2C-Pro with Wiiclip and have installed it without any luck. When I power my wii on with the chip installed my power light glows red, then when I press the power button it all goes off & nothing happens. I dont know if the D2C Pro is supposed to have any LEDs on it, but nothing lights up on the chip at all. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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    from what i've read, make sure it is pressed/clipped down firmily. One reason I'm not sure if I want to go with the solderless model or not. Seems like to many people have problems with it not working or get it working then it stops working.

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    What do you mean when you press the power button it all goes off and nothing happen? Your wii doesn't power on at all? no wii menu screen? If that happened you might have shorted the wii board somewhere. Did you put the protective tape taht came with it on front and back? And the d2cpro suppose to have 2 leds on it and it will light up when you insert a disc. I have a tip for you when installing the wii clip. Don't push 1 corner at a time, make sure you apply equal pressure on all 4corner at the same time when the chip go in apply some more pressure on each corner again to make sure it went down tight and secured. You won't probably hear a "Click" sound like all the guides on the internet said but I'm sure you can feel that the clip just went down on the chip if you do as i said. And alway remember to put the protective tape on the back of it and the big paper on the top. Doing that will prevent the modchip from shorting the wii board. And also when you handling ANY kind of electric parts makesure you're grounded or at least free from static. Cuz if you accidently shock the part you can screw it up, those static shocks are bad for chips like that. So go touch somethign metal taht grounded (your refrigerator) before touching the chip. Wastedthelight, I have a D2Ckey solderless and it has been running flawless for me. Most problem with using wii-clip is the installing problem. But if you're a novice solderer it is probably better to solder the modchip on and would be much cheaper.
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