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Thread: Confused why I DIDN'T BRICK...?

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    Confused why I DIDN'T BRICK...?

    Okay, so I was being careless with .wads... I had a whole bunch of custom VC I was installing using WAD MANAGER, and when I went back to the Wii Menu, I realized I had installed OVER the amount of space the Wii has on the NAND (which usually results in some form of brick from what I've heard)...

    Instead... The System Menu (4.1U) politely informed me "The System Memory is Beyond Capacity, please go to data management..."

    I deleted the last two VC .wads I installed and everything appears to be fine... But I know I went a good 30 blocks over NAND capacity at least.

    How did I NOT BRICK!?!

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    because what you know as brck will only brick you when you have less than 250 blocks free and attempt to perform an unofficial update

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    I just figured since I had a half-installed channel I would at least banner brick or something. How is it possible to over-install with an unoffical installer, but not at least banner brick? I'm confused...

    I know to be cautious in the future, just trying to get a better understanding as to why Nintendo would put a failsafe like that into the system menu...

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    That last channel would not have function, but since it was not important to the wii function, it asked you to remove it. Had the same thing happened during a system ios or system menu install, you would have bricked.
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