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Thread: Black Wii 4.1 + USB Loader = Black screen

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    Black Wii 4.1 + USB Loader = Black screen


    I'm having a problem with my Wii

    I have a Black edition Wii, 4.1E and serial number LEH5052..., I have installed the Homebrew channel, and the USB Loader GX (since my wii doesn't run backups from the DVD player), the HDD is workly perfectly, the problem is every time I try running a backup it goes to black screen...

    I have done every tutorial in the forum!

    If anyone has the same problem please help!!! I'm on the edge of suicide

    Many thanks in advance

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    Black screen usually means you're missing an ios that the game needs. Look under the thread called which ios's games use and ensure you have the one installed for whichever game you're trying to run

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    The game is New Super Mario Bros Wii that acording to the threat it uses IOS53 v5406 and i have installed IOS53-64-v5149 from the tutorial "new 3-1 4-1 softmod any wii" can this be it? I hope so!!!

    Tkz i'll try it out!

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    The ios is older, but the nsmb problem lies in a new security measure implemented by nintendo. Look at the super mario guides by Davepm and Pet1. They are great guides and have all the answers.

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    If NSMB uses IOS53 v5406 and you installed IOS53 v5149 you are not up to date? Nintendo revisions get higher as they add more features to the game IOS. I've no idea what the difference is but the Wii won't ever accept a lower revision but will happily accept a higher revision.

    Use NUS Downloader to get the latest file. I also believe the IOS is linked in the mammoth NSMB guide
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