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Thread: disc/disc driveproblem

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    disc/disc driveproblem

    hi, i have a softmodded wii that was playing backups fine until last week. i turned it on and it wouldn't register backups at all on any software. originals were fine though. so i decided to re install cios 249 and upgrade to system menu 4.0e while i was at it but still no luck. i turned it off completely and returned to it the next day and it registered the back up. but after a minute or so it comes up with a read error and will no longer register backups. can anyone shed any light on my problem please?

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    Not really a hack issue by the sound of it, more a hardware issue. Sounds like your laser is on it's way to laser heaven. Buy a new drive or time to load through USB.
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    sadly enough i thought so. i am loading through usb at the mo and i must say its brilliant. thanks


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