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Thread: Homebrew Channels asking to update but can't

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    Question Homebrew Channels asking to update but can't

    As topic title say the Homebrew Channels is asking to update HC to version 1.0.6 replacing the installed 1.0.3 so i clicked yes it downloads fine,then pops up with what am sure is hackmii and says installer can NOT continue. There is no known vulnerable IOS installed on this wii.

    Is there anyway to get this update installed,also if not is it an important update to have?
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    Download the files here and do an offline install

    Sometimes the network gets quite busy, but usually works after a few attempts.
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    1.0.6 is now installed to a different location to the one in 1.0.3 as a countermeasure to 4.2.

    Hackmii installer does not like your IOS. A simple search for hackmii vunerable would have brought you this
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    thanks for the reply away to read up on the links now
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