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Thread: New Super Mario Bros Question (Drive Key Installed)

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    Question New Super Mario Bros Question (Drive Key Installed)

    Ive been trying to read thru these threads (trust me I have) but with my being an admitted newb I am truly confused.

    Basically heres where I stand. All I did was take my daughters wii and I installed a drivekey chip in it and updated to firmware 4.2. Thats it. I have been making back ups for her like crazy and have built up her wii library pretty think but with all kids they get bored with games after a while and the day has came to where she is asking me for this new NSMB game. I was hoping she wouldn't but she

    Now my question is this, again, i have not installed anything besides a drive key and updated to 4.2. I dont have homebrew (nor do i know how to install that) or anything else done to the wii. I was trying to prevent doing anything that I didnt have to do since what i have now plays her games just fine.

    What do I have to install/buy to get this game to play with the least amount of possible "hacking"? All I need to know is what I need and I will do my research but with sooo many threads/post on this games with people running sooo many different hacks/chips in their systems its kind of overwhelming for a newbie like myself so I wouldappreciate if someone could just let me know because I tried reading guides but the lingo everyone uses goes wayyy over my sorry for another thread but Im hoping with the game being out for a while now that their may be easier ways of getting the game to work. Thanks again.

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    Trouble is the modchip manufacturers haven't really released a wrokaround to the new backup protection routine that NSMB and the yet to be released games have.

    A number of different tutorials already exist for NSMB, some softmod and some hardmod. If you are just using a drivekey I would suggest focusing your efforts in learning how the hardmodders run it. Otherwise it needs to be loading from USB, which imo is easier, better and safer.

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    I completely understand. Is there one thread inparticular that has a guy for a hardmodder like myself that has everything I need as far as info is concerned? If so, then just close this thread and point me in that direction

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    DriveKey themselfs wrote on their homepage;

    We have fixed the NSMB issue in DriveKey. The updated firmware will be in all chips shipping from Monday 30th November. We will also be providing an update for existing DriveKey owners, which will be released as soon as the JTAG programmer is ready. In the near future we will also publish a standard for appending BCA data at the end of the ISO image, so that any new game with this new protection will work without any update of the chip. The actual game ISO will remain unmodified.

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    Nice!. Thanks a lot.

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    Im getting the updated drivekey in the next days and I was wondering how you get NSMB up running now?
    how do I include BCA to the ISO?
    I cant find any instructions how to do it and I also dont know where to get the BCA information from.


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