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Thread: Bannerbomb softmod Help needed (I'm a n00b)

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    Bannerbomb softmod Help needed (I'm a n00b)

    Hey everyone, im new to the forums here as well as the whole softmodding scene....well i decided to softmod my wii a short while back and i thought i was screwed because i had the most recent update (4.2u) , maybe i'd have to wait a long while till i could softmod (heads up im also in the i forget what region that puts me in with my wii)

    i found bannerbomb and installed the homebrew channel and eventually both Bootmii & Dvdx or whatever its called.

    one of my games started skipping on me so i decided that im going to start the whole Hard Drive backup of games plugged right into the wii and burning games onto the hard drive straight from the wii dvd drive....but every avenue i tried seems to keep getting error's, i havent bricked my wii so i still wanna keep going.....i just think i'm doing something wrong (at this point i wish i payed for Brewii)

    to my knowledge i've got the 222 IOS installed....or patched i forget (sorry i wouldnt make this harder if i could help it) and it went fine, i also think i did 223 correctly but im not sure

    if anybody could help me get a good USB wii game loading program running as well as a program that rips games off the Wii dvd drive itself (dvd dumper i understood but it just goes to a black screen and i have to restart my wii)

    so if i understand what i need correctly

    i need help patching and installing the right IOS's

    then i need the right game ripping software

    and then i need the right USB game loading software (i'm in the process of getting a hard drive, aiming for a 300 or 500 and i will format to fat32 if i've read correctly that what i need to do)

    anyway i'd really appreciate the help, i'm getting tired of my games getting scratched and not working anymore not to mention how convenient it would be for every game to be right there waiting for me without the need for a disc.....and i also happen to love Scummvm so thats a huge plus but i dont need any help with that

    so if anyone can help me that'd be great, as any question you need and i'll answer to the best of my knowledge........Take Care everyone

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    Ohhh shit sorry, i just read the "if your new start hear" if i saw that before i posted this i would'nt have just yet......i hope i dont get banned, Sorry to any moderators out there!!!!


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