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    K, I've been searching around the forum and I believe i've got this whole 'modding' thing figured out, but i'm a bit confused on a few advance topics.
    I followed the Dogeggs 'New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii' tutorial. (I installed thew Bootmii, backed up the NAND, installed Ciso, updated to 4.1u and
    installed Preloader v.29 However, everytime I boot the Wii it goes to the BootWii screen.

    Is there away to configure the Wii so it just goes to the System Menu? I'm running bootWii v1.1

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    hello since you have done the mod you can now remove the bootmii folder from the sd card and that will stop it from loading up 1st and if you ever need bootmii just put it back on the sd card and it will load up again.


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