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Thread: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex...Black and White? Help!

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    Us Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex...Black and White? Help!

    Hey everybody. I am running CODMW Reflex on my USB HDD with Neogamma R7. The game loads up, but there is no COLOR! Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong?

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    Sounds like it's an out of region game. Try forcing the settings in your loader to your region. Just mess with the force video settings and that. You'll get it.

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    Thanks junkmailturds! I got it! Have a great night!

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    Us Languages?

    Is there any way to change the language on a game. For example, my modern warefare is all in Spanish. Will this require purchasing/backing up an english version of the game?

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    Wow. First time I've heard that question. I don't believe there is (anyone feel free to correct me here.) I would get one for your region (or learn spanish, haha.) At least they're speaking spanish in color now.

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    The funny thing is, I actually understand Spanish at a basic level and I can actually understand the captions in the game, but the audible portions? FORGET IT! Way too fast. O'well! I can still run around and shoot stuff....but progressing through any mission in a logical manner will be out for this version! Thanks for the help!

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    I had the same problem and a member told me you can not change the language and to dl a ntsc. did that but cant get that one to work if you figure it out let me know.


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    Seeing as how he's banned and this thread is 14 days old I wouldn't hold my breath for an answer... I don't think it's possible.

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    Us Uhmm

    hey you said you got your colour to work?! what settings did you use because mine is english but i cannot get the colour im going to keep trying different settings but help please


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