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    Question 002 error

    I attempted to start a game from my usb connected drive after starting the game the screen turns blue with a 0200 error? none of the other loads have this problem, after reading about the nsmb install davepm indicates "if you get a 002 error, then check your loaders settings for "002 fix" or "anti 002" some loaders do this automatically, some dont!" so I downloaded the latest .wad usb loader install and removed the previous channel, however get the same error how do I find out if it contains the 002 fix or anti 002, or if not is there a way to manually load it?

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    Neogamma7 and usbloaderGX have 002 fixes and seem to be the best loaders. Give them a shot. Neogamma's fix is automatic and you have to turn it on with GX.

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    stupid ?

    i have usbloadergx, how do you "turn it on"? I could not find this? thanks again..

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    On the main page, there is a button that has a gear picture on it, click that it will bring you into the settings menu. It's in there.

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    Black Screen...

    Thanks I turned the 002 fix on, however when I load the game it not just shows a black screen and freezes and i have to restart my system, do I need to reload the game or is it possible it's a BCA thing??

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    It could be you ios is out of date, but also it could be the bca thing. First thing I would do if I were you would be to make sure I have the latest ios that that game uses (since that is the standard answer for black screens from backup loaders) and after that, I would make sure I followed the guides on this game to a T since the obviously work. Best of luck to you!


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