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Thread: New super mario bros wii (cant not play)

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    New super mario bros wii (cant not play)

    Hey guys

    Not sure if this is in the right section or not but I apologise.

    I am trying to get this game to work and all i get is a solid green screen when i select it.

    wii 4.1u
    Homebrew channel installed and works perfectly with other backup games

    This is what I have done so far to get this game to work
    --> Patching/Fixing the ISO:
    --> Same result green screen

    --> Updated to NeoGamma R8Beta13
    --> Same result green screen

    Some are saying I need to update to rev15 is this true? What ever i do, i get the same result a green screen for this game only.

    Please advise
    Thank You

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    We already have a guide for that. Look it up.
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    I did everything in the guide only thing that is left tis update to rev15 which the guide doesnt say that.

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    did you install ios 53 with truca bug or what ever its called if not try that


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