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Thread: not too sure where to start help needed please

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    Unhappy not too sure where to start help needed please

    Hi, I found this site while looking for help on google. My problem is i'm on 3.1e and im looking to update my wii to the latest homebrew available firmware, I dont know what files I have installed in the past and im scared about deleting files off my SD card incase it messes up my boot (Im super noob) I was wondering if someone could please send me in the right direction as i want to be able to buy new games that come out and also use iplayer. thanks a bunch

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    As far as softmodding goes, you'll be fine. Just follow the link for 3.1 in my signature. Be sure to install cios38rev14. As far as updating, that's pretty much up to you. Lots of people around here are on older firmware and can play all games out there. If you really have a strong desire to update firmware there is a great part in that guide about upgrading to 4.1. BE CAREFUL and follow the steps in order if you so choose to do this. Lots of problems have resulted from people not doing the steps in the guide in order.

    edit: Just thought I'd add, the latest firmware is 4.2 but it was only designed to kill homebrew. If an accidental update ever happens you can softmod again, but it's best to avoid it all together.

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    thanks for your quick response I also gave you a thanks, Can you tell me if I can use the wii store with 4.1 and iplayer please.

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    Sorry, I've never used either, but I'm sure someone will come along with an answer.

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    Dont feel bad im clueless as well add me


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