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Thread: Should I Update to get RB Beatles to work ??

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    Should I Update to get RB Beatles to work ??

    Ok have system menu 3.2U, Neogamma using ext usb hdd to load most of my games ... Hear is the prob... Rock band Beatles as many others all I can get is the mic to work I have the origanal game disk but all I get is a blk screen there so when I use the downloaded vers. using the usb option in neogamma all is fine untill I need other instruments other than the mic
    So is it advisable to update to say 4.1 so this game will work as it should
    Sorry if this a answerd ???? but have searched this and am very confused on what to do .. Can i update cios or is it easier to update system menu??

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    Very weird that you can't play this correctly. I would suggest using USB loader gx found in the 'new softmod for any wii' mega-post. I have beatles rock band and it works just fine and i haven't updated my system or anything. Did you install the required CIOS? it is listed at the bottom of the first post on the same softmod post.

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    Thanx worked !!


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