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Thread: Wii Sports Resort Motion Plus

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    Wii Sports Resort Motion Plus

    I am trying to use Wii Sports Resort. But it asks for the motion plus to be plugged in. Is there a way to play the game without the motion plus on the wiimote or do I need to pick one up?


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    Firstly, why would you want to play it without motion plus?, three quarters of the game would be unplayable.

    Go spend the few dollars, it's worth it.

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    Not that I dont want to play it without it. Just wondering if that is why it didnt work. I get to a screen that prompts me to plug it in. And cant advance from there. Just want to make sure that is the problem.

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    There is no way to play it without the motion plus sensor.
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    Yes mate, you need the motion plus to play it.

    I am a little dismayed that there isn't a slew of games on the market to utilize this yet though, it seemed we were promised loads by the big N but there remains only a few so far.

    I would love a Star Wars light saber duels type game with motion plus.

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    Only with motion plus

    the only way to play WII Sports Resort is with motion plus.


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