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Thread: all the above lost confused alone no not Alzheimer homebrewing the wii?? help newbie

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    all the above lost confused alone no not Alzheimer homebrewing the wii?? help newbie

    hi all found this forum and decided to see if i can fulfill my sons ambitions of me?
    he wants me yes me to put homebrew on the wii and beable to use usb stick for games and all that stuff. use homebrew progs etc.
    i tried i did one full night i managed to get homebrew channel onto it. but thats were the luck ran out i tried in vain to get usb loader thing and Clios thing on without any luck now im running out of ideas so i was told to run kuukkoo guys installer 4.1, i was on version 3.4 orig.
    any takers for some real simple help.
    i really dont want to let the wean down.
    all help really appreciated.
    i am a 38 year old man begging
    terrible hee hee.
    anyway anyone any pointers also where do i get all the software people keep saying like clios and rev 12 etc etc.?

    basically im a 110%newbie

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    Here are some points of interest for you:

    Glossary of terms

    cIOS Explained

    3.1-4.1 System Mod Guide

    4.2 Mod Guide

    As far as all the programs used in the mods, they are found in the Mod Guide [depending on what system menu you have on your Wii now] and will be in the download links of those guides. Please read everything more than once, so you know exactly what you are doing.
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    just found out its still version 3.3e.
    is this good bad??

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    It's fine, just follow the link to for the 3.1-4.1 Mod Guide and follow everything step by step. Again please make sure you read everything a few times before attempting these mods.

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    Hey, I am here to tell you this is the place to be. I am relatively new to wii mods and I was turned on to it by a friend who was trying to soft mod his unsuccessfully I might add. To make a long story short I was able to mod his with software sent by a net friend of mine after doing so and alot of searching and reading I came upon this sight and I am a fan for sure. I plan on donating this month(I am disabled and I have to plan monthly), but after reading and some help from these guys here and there(which sold me completely on this place!).. I have bought and soft modded one for my wife and remoded my buddies with the guides from here...which I might add were simpler and much better than what I previously had, everything works great and I am learning by leaps and bounds to the extent that other friends are wanting me to do there's even a couple of guys that have hard modded wii's, want me to soft mod theirs now. Just take it slow and read, read, read.

    "Knowledge is the key, but to which lock"

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    thanks for the info i will read read read
    i know but i will have to ask some questions.
    thanks again everyone.

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    Just update this post with your questions/problems, and someone will be around to help. Good Luck!

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    i got it finally upto version 4.1 now i move on into the abyss.??
    in fact tonight that will do me 2 nights and ive got it up to version 4.1 and homebrew installed all the way upto installing priiloader.?
    i hope it goes as well tomorrow night and if anyone fancies explaining how i get the files to put onto the hard drive the game files is it?
    or do i put then on?
    anyway leave that for tomo. hope by the weekend ive got it done. the wee man will be so pleased thanks you guys.
    cheers again


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