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Thread: Putting discs in the drive makes the pointer disappear

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    Putting discs in the drive makes the pointer disappear

    Hey. I downloaded rips of Mario Tennis and Mario Strikers for my Wii (It's got a WiiKey and it's softmodded to have NeoGamma). When I put either of these discs in the drive, the hand pointer on the screen vanishes and I have to reboot. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I can get other games like NSMB to run through Neo Gamma.



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    hi i had the same prob with a game and it ended up being a bad iso file or disc error maybe the downloaded file wasnt complete or corrupt maybe try get a different copy of the game and make sure you are burning with a dvd-r and at a slow speed (4x) and use good quality media discs such as vebatim.


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